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Mara Zepeda

Mara Zepeda is the co-founder and CEO of Switchboard, an engagement and giving platform that helps members of communities help one another. Previously, Mara was an economic reporter for National Public Radio and directed scholarly programs at Harvard University. Her focus is bringing the qualities of off-line connection online by building trust, delivering value, and strengthening networks.

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14:00 - 17:30

Room 5

Designing Onboarding Experiences

Getting someone to start using a new app and understand how it works is hard. With so many apps these days, users drop out even before they’re fully exposed to the interface and functionality you spent so much time working on. This workshop will help you design great onboarding experiences that engage users and retain them long enough to turn them into customers.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create Churn-Proof Super Users
  • Articulating User Improvement: What good are you for the people adopting you?
  • Mapping out the path to value: What is the minimum that has to happen in order for someone to become better in using your product?
  • Identifying gaps and tangents: How closely does your current experience align with that path to value? Which steps are extraneous or neglected?
  • Matching up emails to the lifecycle: Do the triggered emails you send also align with that path to value? Do they truly get people over the hump?
  • Designing for word of mouth: Let's shoot for "negative churn"! How can we get more value-experiencers to shout our praises from the rooftops?

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone involved in guiding a software product closer toward serving its user base, and thus closer toward growth and profitability.